Here you can find all the information related to the Global Smooth System: our lessons, teachers, subscriptions, and how to get started with our online courses.

Global Smooth System FAQ page

Global Smooth System

Toni Redpath Smooth Training System

A simple, clear, and progressive dance training system that dancers of all levels can use to increase their dancing knowledge and skills, and that can be applied to any syllabus or step pattern. It is not about teaching individual step patterns, or basic syllabus manual elements such as footwork, alignment, or timing. It is about building the quality of your dancing using a common language and methodology.

Introductory dancers with a basic understanding of syllabus manual elements (e.g., footwork, alignment, timing) as well as advanced and elite dancers, and teachers of all levels who want to be better quality dancers, teachers and/or competitors.

The lesson topics incorporate simple drills focusing on the elements of posture, frame, movement and connection, dynamics, and focus and intent that can be applied to improving the execution of any step, at any level.

Yes, the technical drills and artistic principles work for all styles of dance, Smooth, International Ballroom, Rhythm, and International Latin.

Click on the Sign Up button and create an Essential, Advanced or Elite level subscription account in order to get access to the Global Smooth System course material at that particular level.

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription level (your subscription fee for that month will be pro-rated) or even cancel your recurring subscription at any time.

For dance studios who want to buy discounted bundles (of 5 or 10) subscriptions that the studio allocates and controls, contact us about our corporate subscriptions.

Managing your account

Sign in and click on the Profile link under your name. Then click on the blue text Edit Profile button on the right-hand side of the page.

Sign in, then click on the Account link on your drop-down menu. Login Information is listed first, and you will see the change password option there.  

On your Profile drop down menu go to 
– scroll all the way to the right to see link options – UpdateChange PlansCancel
– click on Update, you will see the credit card update form.
We do not store Credit Card information on our Website.

Cancel at any time. Cancellation stops the monthly subscription charges renewing. You will not maintain access to your courses if you cancel.
Click on the drop-down menu Membership link, then Subscriptions. There you can Update, Change Plan, or Cancel.

Yes, log in to your suspended account and click on the reactivate my account button. Pay the monthly membership fee. Congratulations! Your account will be reactivated.


The three available subscriptions for individuals are:

Essential Level – USD 24.99 / month

Advanced Level – USD 27.99 / month

Elite Level – USD 29.99 / month

Essential Level

  • 500+ Essential level videos!
  • Learn basic level solo and partnering techniques building a foundation for enhanced performance skills.

Advanced Level

  • 750+ Essential and Advanced level videos!!
  • Have access to every Essential level video plus all Advanced videos to learn higher level techniques for dynamic partnering and performance skills.

Elite Level

  • 1000+ Essential, Advanced and Elite level videos. All the information you need to become a master Smooth dancer.
  • Have access to every Essential and Advanced video, plus Elite videos to develop 3-dimensional shapes, exceptional partnering and storytelling skills.

If you are a Bronze level dancer, if you are newer to teaching dancing or are looking for an overview of the whole system starting from the beginning in order to teach new students, then start with the Essential plan.

If you are a Silver level dancer, have been dancing a while, have an understanding of basic technique, and want to enhance your technical and performance skills, then try the Advanced plan.

For Gold to Open and above dancer, amateur or professional, have been dancing a while, have an understanding of basic technique, and want to enhance your technical and performance skills, the Elite level involves maximizing all tools available to achieve the ultimate level of dancing.

Choose a self-directed or guided study path (with Quickstart Guide option)?

Self-guided — freeflow

Sign up for an appropriate dance level plan, Essential, Advanced, or Elite, then select Technical, Artistic or Planning course lessons, and immediately access the specific lesson topics that will fulfill your immediate dance needs.

Guided — linear

Sign up for an appropriate dance level plan, Essential, Advanced, or Elite, then follow the provided courses 1–9, lessons and topics in the sequences and order provided.

Click on the Materials link in each Course to find that particular Course’s Quickstart Guide.

The Quickstart Guide marks selected lesson topic videos as vital core information that should be studied at the (traditionally termed) different levels of dancer, Bronze (GSS Essential), Silver (GSS Advanced) and Gold or Open (GSS Elite).

Quick Start (QS) Lessons Guide – for Bronze (QS-B), Silver (QS-S) and Gold>Open Pro (QS-G) dancers

  • Bronze –Top 50 Essential level lessons 
  • Silver – Top 50 Essential and Advanced Level lessons 
  • Gold to Open ProTop 100 Essential, Advanced and Elite lessons

For assistance and/or mentoring, contact a group being led by a certified trainer and request to join. The trainer will monitor your progress and help you stay on track to maximizing your full potential.

Using favorites

You can click on a favorite heart icon in the course, lesson or topic sections in order to add that course, lesson or topic to your favorites list.

Either 1.

  • Go to your Profile drop down menu (top right of page by your name and profile photo)
  • Scroll down to Favorites
  • Click on Favorites All, or Favorites by Course.

Or 2.

  • Go to your Profile drop down menu (top right of page by your name and profile photo)
  • Click on My Courses
  • Click on the second link My Favorites

What are the certificates?

Essential, Advanced and Elite certificates are assigned to each of the nine courses, for a grand total of 27 possible certificates.

Certificates are a way of tracking your progress through the courses. They do not assign a level of competence in the subject matter, that is up to you :).

If you want a more challenging test ask us about the Masters Certification (a comprehensive and timed quiz test) and the GSS Trainers Certification (professional teaching test).

The certificates are awarded automatically when you have completed watching topic videos and correctly answering quiz questions at each level Essential, Advanced and Elite in any particular course.

So, to receive an Elite Certificate you do not have to complete the Essential or Advanced topics and quizzes (ADV by the topic or quiz name), just the Elite designated (ELT).

On the first page of each course click on the  link “Materials” for a Course Map that shows which topics and quizzes are Essential (assumed) or Advanced (ADV) or Elite (ELT) in that course. 

2-minute drills

A 2-minute drill is a compilation of a number of GSS drill elements lasting two minutes or less that can be used as a warm-up at every lesson or practice.

See the 2-minute drill page.

The 2-minute drill sequence focuses on practicing the key GSS elements that are being focused on at that point in time. It can reinforce strengths or improve weaknesses in an individual or couple’s dancing, and the repetition creates muscle memory for those specific technical or artistic skills.

They are great to use as a quick way to establish connection and timing with your partner before walking onto the competition dance floor.

Pick the top 3-5 drill example videos to copy, the ones you like or need the most to develop your weaknesses until they become strengths, and combine them together into your own custom 2-minute drill routine.

If you need help in developing your own 2-minute drill, contact one of the GSS certified trainers in your area, they will be more than happy to help you.


A couple of different ways:

  • Click on All Members  on your Profile drop down menu, then click on a member’s name to go to their profile.
  • Click on Connec