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Toni Redpath's Smooth Training System

Learn the Technical and Artistic skills you need to create your own unique version of Smooth
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What is Toni Redpath Smooth Training System

A simple, clear and progressive dance training system that dancers of all levels can utilize to increase their dancing knowledge and skills, and that can be applied to any syllabus or step pattern.

It is not about teaching individual step patterns, or basic syllabus manual elements such as footwork, alignment, or timing. It is about building the quality of your dancing using a common language and methodology.

Smooth Dancers
Smooth dancers

Benefits from Toni’s Smooth Training System

Introductory dancers with a basic understanding of syllabus manual elements (e.g., footwork, alignment, timing) as well as advanced and elite dancers, and teachers of all levels who want to be better quality dancers, teachers and/or competitors.