GSS Recommended Syllabi

Below are listed the syllabi that we at the Global Smooth System currently recommend for the four styles of Ballroom dance

Dance Vision

gss recommends

Dance Vision Smooth Syllabus

A revolutionary new Smooth syllabus created by Toni Redpath for Dance Vision, the syllabus refines Smooth style dancing into its basic components of no more than 2 bars.

gss recommends

Dance Vision Latin Syllabus

The traditional International Latin American Syllabus.

dance vision latin
dance vision rhytm

gss recommends

Dance Vision Rhythm Syllabus

Coming soon, new Dance Vision Rhythm syllabus structure (based on the methodology created by Toni Redpath in her new Dance Vision Smooth syllabus). 

gss recommends

Dance Vision Ballroom Syllabus

The traditional International Ballroom Syllabus.

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