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Smooth Training System is incredibly extensive and comprehensive (over 1000 videos) and is designed to explain every technical and artistic aspect of Smooth in detail. The Quick start Guide lists the recommended lessons you should start with depending on whether you are a Bronze, Silver, or Gold/Open Professional dancer.
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Top 50


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100 Gold & Open Professional

level lessons
We recommend you watch the appropriate to you Top 50 or 100 video lessons to both improve your dancing and identify what areas you think you might want to get more information on. You can then go back into any Smooth Training System Course Lesson to study areas of benefit to you in more detail.

What dancers say about Toni Redpath's Smooth Training System

What dancers who have used the Smooth Training System have to say about the course …

Eric and Michelle Hudson
We feel that her systematic approach was beneficial to us and helped us reach our career highlights of National Rising Star Smooth Champions and National Open Smooth Finalists. As Studio owners, we have continued to use Toni's Smooth Training System in our own teaching of elite level Pro Am students and in the training of all our teachers.
Studio Owners, Open Smooth Finalists & Rising Star Smooth Champions
Thomasz and Izabella Lewandowski
As a professional dancers, teachers and studio owners, we have witnessed our students changing and improving drastically within weeks by staying consistent and applying it for a short time everyday. The drills help you create muscle memory, give you structure and a great understanding of fundamental technique that will move you up to another level.
Fred Astaire Studio Owners, United States Professional Latin Finalists and Showdance Champions
Anna Tarnowska
The most important fundamentals of this dance style I learned from one and only Toni with her Smooth Training System! I can call myself extremely lucky since the path with her and her drills opened the door for me to achieve my American Smooth dream career. I am forever grateful and everywhere I go I spread the knowledge I gained from my journey with this incredible women.
Fred Astaire World Smooth Champion
Nickolay Karchev
When you are looking for a structural consistency and results in your dancing, look no further than the creator of “The Drills” Toni Redpath! I couldn’t believe how much my dancing has changed since having “The Folder”. My favorite phrase “Not an option” showed me that following the rules with Toni will get me and my dancing to the highest levels of achievement!
Fred Astaire World Smooth Champion
Drew Miller and Krista Humphrey
Within one short year of her drills and guidance we saw our first big breakthrough winning the Arthur Murray rising star champion title. Through the years she has methodically taken us through the layers of technique and we have seen so much success along the way, eventually leading to our current title of Arthur Murray's Open Professional Smooth World Champions.
Arthur Murray World Smooth Champions

About your teacher

Toni Redpath

Toni started ballroom dancing at age 9 and has achieved many notable highlights throughout her career, including:
Winning the US Open Smooth Ballroom Championships four years in a row 1999-2002 undefeated with partner Michael Mead
World Classic Showdance finalist
Choreographer and guest judge on ‘So you Think You Can Dance’

Coaches and mentors world champion Smooth ballroom dancers

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